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A high quality printed and produced book. German language edition. Hardcover book with Slipcase.
Comes with a sketched dedication.

by Jörg Asselborn

Hardcover book with Slipcase
– with sketched dedication –

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Height (cm): 21
Width (cm): 29.7
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Product Details

Author: Jörg ASSELBORN
Publisher: Editions Caurette
Binding: Hardcover
Number of pages: 128
Language: German
ISBN: 9791096315994

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What the publisher says:
»Jörg Asselborn’s work exudes a finesse and acute sense of detail that it is almost uncanny. This book is a compilation of his very best work from his journeys around the world. From time to time he paints imaginary places too – for fun!

As typical in Jörg Asselborn illustrations, the lines and colours work in perfect harmony to record the subtle beauty. The unique perspective afforded by his brushes lets you see things you would otherwise overlook; a majestic chimney stack, a twisted wooden beam or a magnificent beached submarine – each picture endowed with a life of its own.

The foreword is written by Thomas Von Kummant

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