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I’m an illustrator, draughtsman and Urban Sketcher. My drawings are collections of random and incoherent things mostly sketched on site.

But I also love to create new worlds at the drawing table –  some of which consist of what has already been drawn, from photos or memories, or simply from my imagination. 

I’d like to invite you to browse through my portfolio or to have a look at my Shop, where you‘ll find various fine art prints of my illustrations and drawings for sale.

Imaginary worlds: Studio works

I love mixing different places and times and forming them into a world and atmosphere of their own. This results in some large-format illustrations some of which can be purchased as originals at the Galerie Daniel Maghen, Paris soon.

Real world: Urban Sketching

I’m an Urban Sketcher. I draw on location and share my sketches online with the large community of the Urban Sketchers worldwide. I also teach my way of sketching in workshops in Germany and abroad.

Commissioned work

As an illustrator I work for clients from the industry, cultural and publishing sectors. Please feel free to contact me for commissions and any other enquiries you may have.

Remains of the Journey

After a very successful Kickstarter campaign, it‘s official: 
there will be an english and a german version of my book. Both will be available from early spring on. You can already pre-order a copy directly from the Éditions Caurette webshop:

Foto of the Book »Ce qui reste du Voyage« by Jörg Asselborn


English title: »Remains of the journey«. A book of 128 pages full of my travel sketches and illustrations. Get your copy of this high-quality print-edition, hard bound with slipcase. Released in 2021 by Éditions Caurette.

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